UGSP presenting at the iGaming Legislative Symposium on Feb 26, 2015

Brett Abarbanel, Head of the Recreational Gambling Division at UGSP, sits on a panel discussing the topic: Is iGaming More Addictive than Land-based Gaming?

Brett Abarbanel at iGaming

UGSP Supports Gambling Disorder Screening Day on March 10th, 2015

The Cambridge Health Alliance and UGSP support efforts to screen for Gambling Disorder. Click the banner to find resources to help you screen your patients.


UGSP's new videos on problem gambling

If you're having a problem with gambling, check out UGSP's new videos to find out about resources that can help you.

UGSP Gambling Videos

Washington Post's Article on Gambling Among Asians

J. Freedom du Lac writes about the growing Asian gambling population in Maryland and interviews Dr. Tim Fong from the UGSP.

Washington Post - Asian Gambling

Scientific American Discusses Gambling Addiction with Dr. Fong

Dr. Tim Fong is interviewed for Ferris Jabr's article in Scientific American examining new models of gambling addiction.

Scientific American - Gambling Addiction

Pachinko parlor's in Japan

Dr. Rosenthal on a recent trip to Japan, pictured here in a Kyoto pachinko parlor.

Rosenthal Japan

UGSP Presenting at 15th International Conference on Gambling and Risk-Taking

Ardeshir Rahman, UGSP Research Coordinator, presents his research on mobile gambling to an audience in Caesar's Palace

Ardeshir Rahman