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From Tech’s Toll on Young Minds to Unpacking Modern Gambling Culture With Dr. Timothy Fong

Judging Meghan -

This episode I’m joined by Dr. Timothy Fong, a professor of psychiatry and co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program, to dive deep into the emotional complexities of adolescence, addiction, and the power of vulnerability. Dr. Fong highlights the biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to addiction, emphasizing recovery potential.

The State of On-Line Betting


In this episode of 1A, Todd Zwillikin with WAMU spoke Dr. Kavita Fischer, Psychiatrist; Jeremy Young, Senior Producer, Fault Lines; and Dr. Timothy Fong, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA regarding, “Gambling on sports is super popular. How can we protect bettors from addiction?”

The House Always Wins – America’s Gambling Explosion

River Radio -

In this episode of Season 5, hosts Gayle Knutson and Jim Maher talk to, Dr. Timothy Fong, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, and co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program; and Brianne Doura-Schawohl, consultant and lobbyist on responsible gambling strategies.

Matt Quast is technical director.

Sports Betting Addiction & Can Your Job Affect Your Longevity?

Talk Zone -

In just five years, legalized sports betting is now embraced as a revenue source by at least 37 states, and gambling addiction is a growing problem, especially among teenagers. Timothy W. Fong, MD, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and Co-Director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program explains how parents can recognize addiction in teens or ideally, prevent the start of it.

The Dangers of Sports Betting

NPR It's Been A Minute -

This year, the WNBA had its most-watched regular season in 21 years, but what went into creating this new moment of visibility for the league? Host Brittany Luse is joined by Katie Barnes, author of Fair Play: How Sports Shape the Gender Debates to unpack the league’s initial ‘Barbie girl’ image, the trailblazers who pushed the WNBA to become the first professional sports league to celebrate Pride, and what it means for an athlete to ‘authentically’ express themselves.

Young Men are Gambling at Higher Rates, and Video Games Aren’t Helping

AirTalk -

Rates of problem gambling are on the rise among young men, and so is the amount of time they spend online gaming. AirTalk’s Larry Mantle inverviews Dr. Fong and Jeffrey Derevensky, director of the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-risk behaviors in Montreal, Canada.

The U.S. doubles down on online gambling

The 1A Podcast -

In this episode of The 1A Podcast, Michelle Harven interviews guests including Dr. Fong about California’s gambling initiatives, Twitch’s new gambling policy, and the future of betting online.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) versus Total Abstinence in Recovery

Discover U Podcast with JD Kalmenson -

JD Kalmenson, CEO of Montare Behavioral Health, a growing mental and behavioral health company in Southern California, moderates an esteemed panel: Dr. Timothy Fong, Heather Hayes, and Lowell McGregor. The panel discusses the pros, cons, and nuances of both treatment approaches, as well as how they relate to maintaining long-term sobriety, successfully changing problematic behaviors, and managing mental health.

What is scromiting and did Eve make it up?

Medical Minefield -

Medical Minefield is a new health podcast which talks about the ethical dilemmas at the heart of the health stories that matter the most. Dr. Fong discusses the recent increase in patients experiencing “scromiting” — known medically as Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome — where patients suffer violent attacks of vomiting and screaming caused by using high-strength cannabis.

Warrior’s Day Off Podcast – Gambling with Addiction: Sports Betting, Mobile Apps, Proliferation of Ads, Personal Stories –

Warrior’s Day Off -

Inspiring stories of life’s unexpected struggles with the many voices of courage, strength, hope and survival. At Warrior’s Day Off, guests and listeners can take a break from society’s expectations of what strong looks like, sounds like and feels like. This week’s episode featuring Dr. Fong and two other guests explored the changing terrain of sports betting, the proliferation of advertising, gambling addiction, suicide, integrity in sports, and finding resources for help.

The Super Bowl, sports betting and humanizing gambling addictions –

Connect the Dots -

Connect the Dots unpacks and explains unanswered questions surrounding the most compelling stories in the news. Hosted by WCBS Newsradio’s Lynda Lopez, the weekly podcast delivers depth, context and fresh insights through interviews with experts and individuals at the center of these stories. This episode features Dr. Timothy Fong, the co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies program, as well as sports radio pioneer (and former gambling addict) Craig Carton and law professor Marc Edelman to learn about the ins and outs of sports gambling and the work that’s being done to humanize those struggling with gambling addiction.

The Ken Fong Podcast featuring Dr. Tim Fong

Asian America - The Ken Fong Podcast -

Asian America – The Ken Fong Podcast is a distinctive program that shines a spotlight on the manifold faces and facets of the diverse Asian American community. This week’s episode featuring Dr. Fong explored the nature of addiction and looked at addictions related to gambling and cannabis.

Hello My Name is Craig

Hello My Name is Craig -

Hello My Name is Craig is centered around gambling and approaches the topic in numerous ways including speaking directly to audience members who are currently going through their own gambling addiction. Craig and his guests share stories, discuss how to identify signs there is a problem, and what steps they can take to move forward. In this episode, Dr. Fong discusses what part the brain plays in gambling addiction.

The Cannabyss: An In-Depth Discussion About Cannabis In 2020

Dr. Thomas Hughes Podcast -

Dr. Timothy Fong and Dr. Thomas Hughes sat down to have an open discussion about Cannabis in the United States. Topics included, but were not limited to: legalization of cannabis, stigma, medical benefits of cannabis, harmful effects of cannabis, and barriers to more research.

Episode 115 – Dr Timothy Fong Co-director of the UCLA Gambling Studies Program

All In - The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast -

A conversation about gambling addiction and how it affects the individual, the family, and society

Episode 83: Dr. Timothy Fong

The Hannah & Fred Show -

Hannah Stanley and Fred Weintraub — with over 60 years of combined experience in broadcast — talk to experts and celebrities in different fields and they ask the questions that you want to know. In this episode they talk to Dr. Tim Fong from UCLA Health about online gaming and gambling.

STLPR-Led ‘Fixed Odds’ Series Looks At Problem Gambling In America

St. Louis on the Air -

A newly published Sharing America series titled “Fixed Odds” explores the effects of problem gambling on diverse communities across the U.S. Joining this episode to talk about it are Holly Edgell, who is St. Louis Public Radio’s race, identity and culture editor, and Dr. Timothy Fong, professor of addiction psychiatry and co-director of UCLA’s Gambling Studies Program.

Gambling: Jackpot

Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson -

Dr. Fong discusses the neuroscience of gambling with Walter Isaacson on a Trailblazers podcast episode focused on casinos and gambling.

Do casinos feed gambling addictions?

AirTalk -

Dr. Fong spoke with Larry Mantle and John Rosengren on KPCC’s Airtalk about whether or not casinos should be doing more to prevent gambling addiction. Dr. Fong describes factors that can contribute to gambling addiction and how the real importance lays within understanding player behavior. Dr. Fong also discussed prior suggestions on what casinos could implement in order to identify problem gamblers and what gamblers can do to seek help.

Oregon’s Got A Gambling Problem

Jefferson Public Radio -

Dr. Fong interviewed with Jefferson Public Radio about gambling issues in the state of Oregon. Oregon is among the top ten of the most gambling addicted states in America, which is surprising as there are no huge casinos located there. But the few there are combine with lottery games and low amounts of services for gamblers to cause major issues.

Attitudes Towards Gambling and Professional Treatment for Gambling Problems Among Hispanics

KXO Radio -

Dr. Campos, Research Psychologist at UGSP, is interviewed by Scott Dudley and Maria Wyatt at KXO Radio in Imperial County for a segment entitled: Attitudes Towards Gambling and Professional Treatment for Gambling Problems Among Hispanics.