Gambling Studies Program

UGSP Postdoctoral Fellowship

UGSP provides a training curriculum for those who have completed their doctoral studies. This post-doctoral position is under the supervision of Dr. Timothy Fong, Dr. Richard Rosenthal, Dr. Michael Campos, Dr. Rory Reid, and Dr. Elizabeth Hall. Post-doctoral fellows have the expectation of and the opportunity for collaborative and independent research and publication of findings.

The postdoctoral fellowship program at UGSP provides institutional support to assist junior researchers and clinicians with their research and continued career development.

The mission is to:

  • Provide mentorship to graduates with doctoral degrees with the goal of optimizing their career prospects according to their unique clinical and research interests.
  • Educate young investigators about the rigorous scientific method and cultivate skills critical for successful practice of research.
  • Partner with postdoctoral scholars to create an individual development plan for each postdoctoral scientist.
  • Provide resources and guidance to assist in the advancement of postdoctoral scientists into optimal academic, industry, or other professional appointments.

For more information about the postdoctoral fellowship or to apply for candidacy, please email Dr. Timothy Fong at