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Dropout or Early Treatment Response Among Gamblers with Depressive Symptoms – SpringerLink

Springer Link -

UGSP researchers Mike Campos, Ryan Williams, Elizabeth Hall, Rory Reid, Richard Rosenthal, and Timothy Fong publish new findings on how depression affects treatment outcomes for gambling disorders.

Dr. Timothy Fong on Sports Gambling Addiction

ABC7 Eyewitness News -

Gambling addiction can cause psychological, physiological health challenges

UCLA Health -

Chayil Champion interviews Dr. Fong on gambling addiction.

Generation Gamble

CNBC Documentaries -

CNBC Documentaries: Generation Gamble – CNBC’s Melissa Lee takes viewers on a journey to the intersection of online betting, trading and gaming – all of which surged in popularity and profits during the pandemic.

It’s Easy and Legal to Bet on Sports. Do Young Adults Know the Risks?

The New York Times -

Dr. Fong featured in New York Times article on sports gambling addiction.

Gambling addiction can be silent struggle for Asian Americans, with few culturally sensitive solutions

NBC News -

Dr. Fong addresses gambling addiction among Asian Americans on NBC News

The Rising Human Cost of Sports Betting

The New York Times -

When Gambling Becomes an Addiction

Goop -

Dr. Rosenthal featured in Goop article titled “When Gambling Becomes an Addiction”. The article discusses various aspects of gambling addiction in a Q&A format.

Dr. Fong featured in Showtime series on Sports Gambling

Showtime -

Showtime has released a docu-series on the legalization of sports gambling and its evolving impact on the gambling community as the industry navigates a landmark Supreme Court ruling that lifted the ban on sports betting. It chronicles the lives of professional gamblers, bookies and oddsmakers throughout the 2018 NFL season.

The Lure of Luck

St. Louis Public Radio -

Dr. Fong discusses gambling among Southeast Asian refugees.