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Huge Powerball Jackpot Provides Temptation For Gambling Addicts To Relapse

CBS News Sacramento -

Terri Sue Canale-Dalman, the Deputy Chief of the Office of Problem Gambling, spoke on CBS about the Huge Powerball Jackpot and it’s effect on problem gamblers. She spoke about the nature of gambling addictions and the similarity in nature to drug and alcohol addictions. Terri Sue explained that the huge jackpot and all the hype around it could be a serious trigger for those out there with a gambling problem.

“It can create triggers, something that makes a gambler want to gamble more during that time because they’re seeing a form of gambling all the time,” Terri Sue said.

Skill Or Chance? Question Looms Over Fantasy Sports Industry


Dr. Fong weighs in on the debate whether Fantasy Sports are a form of gambling. While many say that fantasy sports are a game of skill and therefore not regarded as gambling, Dr. Fong sees it in a different light. “One day performance. You could have injuries. You could have a player just go off that night, who had no intention of it before,” Fong says. In his mind, that makes them clearly a game of chance.

DraftKings quietly rolls out addictive gambling prevention option -

DraftKings, a major fantasy sports website, now includes a self-exclusion option for their users. With this feature users can block access to their own accounts for up to five years, without ever reaching out to customer service. The feature can be found within a responsible gaming section of DraftKing’s website and is intended to protect users from addictive play.

Daily Fantasy Sports Games Are Clearly Gambling

US News -

Dr. Fong talks about Daily Fantasy Sports Games and their relevance as a form of gambling in the article published in the Debate Club. While these daily fantasy sport games are legal because they are labelled as a game of skill, Dr. Fong argues that there is still potential risk for addiction. “Whenever new forms of gambling become popular (e.g. video poker, online gambling, interactive slot machines), there is the concern that there will be a rise in gambling addiction, now known as gambling disorder.”

GGB Magazine Releases Its 2016 Class of ‘40 Under 40’

Global Gaming Business Magazine -

Global Gaming Business Magazine announced Dr. Abarbanel as one of the recipients of the 2016 class of 40 under 40. These individuals are the future of the gaming industry at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) trade show and conference and represent the leaders of the next generation in both the casino as well as the gaming industry.

Dr. Abarbanel was chosen out of 160 other applicants to be one of the 40 under 40 recipients. Ten profiles from the 40 under 40 list were featured in the November 2015 issue of the magazine and then each month will feature more profiles.

Dr. Abarbanel was also one of five to receive the G2E and The Innovation Group Emerging Leader Award. This distinguishing award recognizes bright individuals with new creative leadership to reinvigorate the industry.

Others Look To Md. County’s Model To Treat Opiate Addictions


Dr. Fong was interviewed by Steve Inskeep and David Greene on a NPR story about the rise in opiate addiction nationally. A new drug called Vivitrol, a monthly shot, has been used to combat heroin abuse. Dr. Fong talks of Vivitrol, “It reduces overdose. It reduces crime rates. It encourages people to stay in treatment. And the longer people stay in treatment, the better outcomes they’re going to get.”

Initiative To Allow Lotto Ticket Purchases At Gas Pumps Raises Gambling Concerns

CBS Los Angeles -

Dr. Fong was interviewed on a piece CBS Los Angeles made on the effects of having the option to purchase lottery tickets directly from gas pumps instead of going inside the gas station. “This is going to increase visibility of the lottery, it probably will increase the volume of play,” UCLA Gambling Studies program’s Timothy Fong said. “What we don’t know, is will it create more gambling problems.”

Dr. Richard Rosenthal at NCPG

Richard Rosenthal and Alex Blaszczynski meeting in Baltimore at the 2015 annual conference of the National Council on Problem Gambling.

Breaking the Bad

UCLA Newsroom -

Experts understand that addiction isn’t a weakness or moral failing; it’s an illness, much like cancer or heart disease. And it often falls to family members and friends to convince their addicted loved one to seek help. The task can feel like negotiating an emotional minefield with anger, obfuscation and denial among the likely outcomes. How do you know if there’s a problem, when do you intervene and how? Dr. Timothy Fong, associate clinical professor of psychiatry and director of the UCLA Addiction Medicine Clinic, provided guidance in the July 2015 issue of UCLA Magazine.

Dr. Rory Reid meets with members of the Gaming Board for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas

In June 2015, Dr. Reid traveled to Bimini Bahamas and met with several members of the Gaming Board for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas including the Assistant Secretary to discuss Responsible Gaming Practices. In November 2014, the Bahamian government adopted several new regulations that impact operations of gaming companies in the Bahamas. While these regulations were intended to address some of the concerns about the Web Shops that had been operating illegally for many years, the regulations have broad implications for many U.S. based companies that have gambling facilities in the Bahamas.

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